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A world-class enterprise Endeavour semic
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Earth stands in the middle of a country such as emerging high-tech enterprises - core Shuo semiconductors, this enterprise to create more Chinese first, the industry was hailed as a legend. Core Shuo Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd. (AdvanTools) is a semiconductor, PCB, TFT-LCD industry to provide key equipment of professional equipment manufacturers. The main products include lithography, testing and other high-end devices.

  "Core Shuo" in the short term objective is to become a world-class semiconductor equipment manufacturing enterprises. Shuo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Tianjin core (AdvanTools) settled in Tianjin Development Zone signing ceremony on July 30 morning. Binhai New District Standing Committee, TEDA (Nangang Industrial Zone) Administrative Committee party secretary, director of the CMC Shushan, the Ministry deputy director of electronic information DiaoShi Beijing, Guo Jingping, deputy head of Binhai New Area, attended the signing ceremony.

    Shushan speech at the signing ceremony. He said that technological innovation is the development zone of structural adjustment and transformation of development mode of the central link in the "Twelfth Five-Year" period Zone will focus on transformation of economic development the main line, and enhance endogenous power, construction, technological innovation pilot area. Core Shuo (AdvanTools) is the industry's leading technology innovators, the zone will fully support future large companies to accelerate the development of the core, give the best policies and services. I hope the core Shuo (AdvanTools) firmly grasp the development opportunities, bigger and stronger, to the domestic industry to make greater contributions.

    Core Shuo Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AdvanTools) dedicated lithography and optical detection technology research and product development, is the only country to undertake two major projects of private enterprises machine. The company (AdvanTools) produces high-resolution lithography machine to break the technological monopoly of Western countries, China has changed these products are 100% dependent on imports of history, the current domestic market share of 50%. Incorporated by the company's core Shuo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Tianjin (AdvanTools) mainly engaged in laser direct imaging equipment research and development, production and sales. The total investment of 10 billion yuan, a year after the completion of a comprehensive sales will reach 30 billion yuan. From the sub-micron lithography and wafer inspection equipment to 90nm plate making equipment, LDI (Laser Direct Imaging) Whether the product vertical depth, or horizontal diversification, the user needs requires strong core master walked, In Mr. Liu Jun view, "core Master" as the name implies, will operate in China and around the world chip industry in fruitful.

   "Core Shuo" (AdvanTools) is currently in the period of rapid development, need a lot of talent are welcome to join us to meet the challenges of high-tech, co-development of a better future. "Core Shuo" (AdvanTools) committed to providing a broad space for career development, enterprise development and staff development closely; "core Shuo" (AdvanTools) staff will provide comprehensive social insurance, stock options, housing, Overseas training benefits and competitive salary. Meanwhile, the company will also focus on creating a platform suitable for personal career development for all personnel to provide a rapid increase space for development.

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