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Semiconductor: 2013 semiconductor market
Release date:2010-11-13   Browse the number:7196
The development of the semiconductor industry and is closely related to the economic cycle in 2012 by the European debt crisis, the U.S. economic slowdown, the entire semiconductor industry slowdown, many people also in 2013 the development of the semiconductor industry, a lack of confidence. However Semiconductor vice president of corporate marketing David Somo, but is optimistic that the semiconductor industry will recover in 2013, led to a new round of growth.
  ON Semiconductor vice president of corporate marketing David Somo
   2013 semiconductor market warmed
    David Somo on 21ic reporters, said: "In the past two consecutive shipments of semiconductors below the system requirements, and from the beginning of this year began a semiconductor channel inventory reduction, while automotive, consumer electronics and other industries began a new round of growth, 2013 After the first quarter compared with the semiconductor industry will enter a rapid development zone. "
    From the global semiconductor market, the first smart phones and tablet PCs are driving the growth of communications market segments. By 2015, mobile data will increase by 12 times, which will promote investment in telecommunications and networks increased significantly.
    In addition, the growing automobile electronic components in order to provide fuel economy, safety and convenience features. Light vehicle production increased from 7,700 in 2011 increased to 2012 ten thousand 8,000 million, is expected in 2013 will increase to 8,200 million, growth of semiconductor components expected to be approximately 8%. Which in 2013 China's auto sales expected to grow by 7% to 2,060 units. China's goal is to develop in 2015 and 2020, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid car sales reached 500,000 and 2,000,000.
    Based on these industry demand growth, the semiconductor industry as a whole will also get a better space for development.
    In 2013 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich for an interview, the reporter also in 2013 the development of the semiconductor industry, too many people in the industry interview questions, most of them said the company shipments are growing among this year's forecast is more optimistic about the market development. This has to some extent confirms David Somo view.
    It is to see these new growth, Semiconductor adopted a proactive marketing strategies. Said David Somo: "Over the years, ON Semiconductor in the computer, consumer, automotive, industrial / medical / military - aviation and wireless and wireline communications has a leading position in the future engine of growth came from automotive, smartphone / tablet PC, power modules and LED lighting. Semiconductor in these rapidly growing industry to increase research and development, market inputs have obtained better development. "
    Optimistic about China's LED lighting industry
    LED lighting, energy efficient, and traditional incandescent lighting products, energy-saving lamps have a huge technological advantage. However, due to the high price of LED, so the LED industry in recent years has been praised.
    Beginning this year, this situation is expected to change radically.
    David Somo optimistic prediction: "China is expected to become the fastest-growing LED general lighting market in 2015 China LED general lighting in the lighting market share of more than 20% energy-efficient LED driver and intelligent lighting is one of the priority areas."
    Talked about the reasons for the optimistic forecast, David Somo, said: "The first is China LED lighting products price is declining significantly, will gradually approaching the incandescent recent press release for this year alone Philips 60-watt LED prices will be reduced to $ 10 Secondly Chinese government banned incandescent great efforts to promote energy conservation, more stringent legislation last independent LED driver will gradually include LED driver modules, sensors, communications and MCU LED general lighting, including a complete transition program. " He said, for LED general lighting market, ON Semiconductor will leverage the company's broad portfolio of analog power IC, discrete devices and advanced micro-encapsulation, provide unique solutions.
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