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2013 will achieve modest growth in the s
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2012 semiconductor industry decline in operating income, due to consumer electronics products at the expense appetite, especially computer purchases accounted for nearly silicon semiconductor industry revenue and 60% of demand, but the 2012 downturn in purchases of computer products. Exciting is that the global economic situation in 2013 is expected to be more optimistic. Preliminary data show that, although excess capacity, but the semiconductor supply chain is still trying to reduce the channel and finished goods inventory. The lower half of the first quarter, demand will begin to be felt, silicon orders began to grow in March.
   2013 intelligent terminal will remain the engine of growth of the semiconductor industry. Smart phones and tablet PCs will continue to be favored by consumers, as these two products prices continue to fall, consumer interest is increasing. 2013 There are two other consumer electronic products can promote the growth of the semiconductor industry. The super-slim PC or other possibly through next-generation computing platforms and declining prices to attract consumers, and smart TVs will continue to attract those seeking home entertainment consumers have more choices.
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    Both smart phones, tablet PCs, or the super-smart TV, all of these products are required to silicon as the engine, how fast can persuade consumers to upgrade or buy new personal electronic products, determine the future for some time IC manufacturing demand conditions. IHSiSuppli expects wafer demand in 2013 is expected to grow 4.6 percent, shipments reached 9.55 billion square inches, 2010 and 2011 were 9.12 billion square inches and 9.16 billion square inches.
    In silicon manufacturing, with 12 in. capacity depreciation complete wafer manufacturing production line transition forward 12 inches, while 8 inches and 6 inches negative impact on the demand for silicon wafers. Mobile phones, flash memory cards, solid-state hard disk, U disk, Tablet PCs and MP3 players have become the current global demand for NAND flash memory chips highest six categories of products. NAND flash memory chips for mobile phones has been ranked the demand for all types of products in the first place, and its consumption of 24.6%. In addition, U disk, Tablet PCs and MP3 players were also on NAND flash memory chips with 13.5%, 11.4% and 3.4% of the demand. While the PC DRAM market recovery is likely to promote the demand for silicon wafers. In computing, ultra-thin PC demand if growth may also lead to support NAND wafer manufacturing shipments rose, mainly for SSD caching devices and related products.
    Semiconductor Industry
    2012 industrial electronics semiconductor revenue was $ 30.5 billion, compared with $ 31.4 billion in 2011 decreased 2.8%. This confirms the original forecast weak growth, but also highlights the extent of the decline in the market is so amazing - 2010 increase of 36.5%, while in 2011 also grew strongly by 9.7%. However, as demand is expected to increase and some recovery in the second half, 2013 outlook will improve. Expect the market will continue to expand in subsequent years, 2011 - 2017 CAGR of 6.3%. By 2017, revenues will reach $ 45.3 billion or so.
    Overall, semiconductor suppliers throughout the year should remain cautious. If the IC manufacturers in the second quarter of 2013 without restraint to expand production capacity, the industry's recovery may be very short.
    In addition, semiconductor manufacturers in particular, should always pay attention to the device inventory, and electronic manufacturing services providers and original design manufacturers to deliver outsourcing inventory. Wafer demand may face adjustment in the fourth quarter, depending on inventory levels at the end of the third quarter.
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