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Tax Consultant: legal tax savings, reduc
Release date:2013-05-09   Browse the number:6872
Every year a large number of enterprises, because in the process of operation does not understand, wrong judgment even ignoring tax issues, has led to many consequences stamp their feet so that he repented, causing unnecessary risks and losses. Such as: The transaction taxes not paid; should enjoy the tax benefits do not enjoy; even pay more taxes borne by the like should not be the case.
We help our customers reduce tax risk, optimize tax saving space and achieve deeper tax planning. In order to eliminate the corporate tax risk, improve economic efficiency, tax legally, we provide enterprises with annual tax advisory services, primarily services include:
    1, within 60 days of signing the contract, for enterprises to develop "Tax Strategy Proposal" legitimate tax savings;
     2, everyday forms of tax advice;
     3, on the customer's production, operation, management and other aspects of major decisions issued by the tax legal advice;
     4, participate in customer projects major tax-related negotiations on tax issues related advisory opinions on major issues legal opinions;
     5, to provide customers with the latest information on tax regulations and policies;
     6, directing customers to use tax incentives;
     7, an important legal instrument tax audit, production;
     8, the management, financial personnel, purchasing professionals to conduct tax training;
     9, the special tax advisory services, such as: investment, asset restructuring, equity mergers and acquisitions, reverse takeovers and other aspects of tax services;
     10, to assist and guide enterprises to tax health checks on particular issues, legal advisory opinion issued by a particular project
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