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Fiscal and taxation policies to promote the role of independent innovation fiscal policy will affect the costs and benefits of innovation. In essence, an active fiscal policy is part of the government will deserve transferring tax revenue to the enterprise. Fiscal and taxation policies to promote innovation based on scientific and technological power of our government and the need for innovation in a specific time and target specific areas for specific additional requirements set by the tax and the special provisions. Mainly through its positive effect on the following aspects:

    First, the fiscal policy of independent innovation of enterprises play a guiding role. Government in accordance with the current focus on independent innovation, economic policy, industrial policy and science and technology policy, the need to develop supporting targeted fiscal policies to reflect the Government's independent innovation and building an innovative country, technological power development strategy support, which affect the market mechanism in the allocation of resources in the process, prompting economic resources in favor of the government desired direction of flow of innovation.

     Secondly, active fiscal policy will help reduce the risk of business innovation. Innovation activities is huge demand for funds, long recovery period, uncertainty strong, enterprises are facing such high risk although to a certain extent by the enterprise's own accumulated technology and financial means to avoid, however, is also an urgent need for government enterprises take appropriate policy measures to reduce risk, encourage enterprises to innovate. Government to take active fiscal policy can reduce the use of funds and profitability aspects of enterprise risk; reduce enterprise independent innovation R & D investment aspects of risk, enhance the ability to resist risks of independent innovation.

      Again, fiscal policy will affect the costs and benefits of innovation. In essence, an active fiscal policy is part of the government will deserve transferring tax revenue to the enterprise. From a business point of view, the performance of cost savings and increased profits. Proactive fiscal policy affect the costs and benefits of independent innovation has a very important role, especially for the high-tech sector SMEs, active fiscal policy to reduce the risk of its innovation, while its accumulation of capital, rapid development and expansion has created good conditions.

      Finally, an active fiscal policy can effectively promote the application of independent innovation and diffusion. Only independent innovation into practical application stage, the formation of industry, in order to truly promote economic development, and positive fiscal policy can play an important role in this regard. While scientific research institutions and universities to develop related tax incentives, can effectively promote the transfer to the enterprise independent innovation, and promote the diffusion of new technologies.

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