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Investment and Financing
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Optimize the financing structure, expand financing space

In order to better sustained investment, must pay attention to financing, investment and financing platform can really play the role.

1, the internal financing and external financing combined to achieve a balanced debt rolling development. In the fund collection, integration of internal resources, choose a good, business is good, a good investment operations by improving project profitability, generate plenty of cash flow, in order to achieve self-circulation and accumulation of capital projects to improve the ability to reinvest. Always maintain an appropriate level of asset-liability ratio, set aside for future investment financing space.

2, the direct and indirect financing combined to realize the combination of innovative financing channels. Create a financing platform, and actively use of domestic capital markets, open up overseas financing channels, establish an international image, and further adjust the capital structure, asset restructuring of its core business to achieve domestic and overseas listing and financing.

3, long-term liabilities and short-term debt combined to achieve the scientific term debt portfolio. Concerned about the macroeconomic situation, the timely, accurate information and analysis of monetary policy changes on the environmental impact of corporate financing as a key task, to take "low-cost, short-term" and "long-short generations," the financing strategy, through a reasonable estimate of the risk financing , for the most economical term of the loan portfolio.

4, to build a good power investment and financing platform, with sufficient hardness National Development Bank lending policies. Actively communicate with the National Development Bank, for preferential lending rates, flexible use of funds in the credit line platform.

5, actively seek specific government policy funds to fight on behalf of the funds held as support, recovery tool for rapidly expand the foundation. Special support funds held on behalf of the government, as "structural adjustment" living water injection project. Special funds to support all levels of government to change the nature of compensation for the use of unpaid inputs. Investment and financing platform to build the objective to improve the financing capacity, expand financing channels, the rational use of funds, efforts to reduce the cost of funds for economic construction and social development and make greater contributions.

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