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With the development of modern science and technology, an improving product mix, technical precision and increasing complexity, technical services from a simple service developed pre-service, that is, in the design of new products, technology demonstration phase of service requirements will be listed is an important element, and with the design, prototype and production stages for the gradual specific, so when the product will be able to provide a complete set of delivery of basic comprehensive technical services. But for some relatively simple structure and the use and maintenance of products, generally still take service approach. Technical services organization, depending on the complexity of the product and market share may be. Companies generally establish a full-time or engage in technical services. For a high degree of complexity, a larger workload of products, but also create a service company or service center.

  To improve the quality of technical service, enterprise technology service organizations should be promptly put all kinds of information from the user feedback to the design, process and inspection and other professional departments, forming continuous cycle, constantly improve the information feedback system.

   Technical services include seven aspects. ① Information Service: Technical Services organization should be representative of the user to establish long-term, stable link, timely access to users of the products of the various opinions and demands of the user to properly use and maintenance products.

② installation and commissioning services: according to user requirements in the field (or guide the user) for product installation and commissioning work.

③ Repair Service: Service is generally divided into two types of regular and irregular. Regular technical maintenance maintenance plan is based on product and service categories specified maintenance service work. Unscheduled maintenance refers to the product during transport and use due to an accident and need to provide maintenance services.

④ supply services: to provide products related spare parts and wearing parts.

⑤ testing services: To make products according to the design requirements for the effective functioning of the testing, inspection, monitoring work, and the required special instrumentation devices. As increasing workload testing services, a variety of special instruments are also increasing, testing services tend to establish a variety of comprehensive or specialized testing centers.

⑥ technical literature services: to provide product brochures, manuals, maintenance manuals and wearing parts, spare parts design data and other relevant technical documentation.

⑦ training services: for user training operations and maintenance personnel. Training is mainly to explain the product works to help users master the operation and maintenance of technical knowledge, and sometimes also in the kind of products on the simulator or training in actual operation.

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