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For a national policy to provide one-sto
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In order to help enterprises solve the shortage of funds, support in terms of access to finance, science and technology intermediary associations rely on information superiority, professional advantages proactive policies to support enterprises in the park provide funding based on various financing services, including policy advice support funds, equity financing, debt financing and so on.
Science and technology intermediary associations gathered funds to support the policy of professional expertise, services, covering all areas of business, with high-quality client service quality to win the trust and long-term cooperation.
Funding for national policy support, the association provides one-stop services

  Annual service
             Government funds to develop annual reporting plan.
             Help improve enterprise qualification.
             Help combing enterprise value, tap the business of technical highlights.
             Government funds to provide timely reporting information, and provide advice on relevant issues and answers.

Application Service
                            Preliminary examination, diagnosis project meet reporting conditions.
                            Counseling or on behalf of the preparation of the application materials.
                            Revise and improve the application materials.
                            Perfect material supporting materials and accessories.
                            Assist communication.

Value-added services
                         Agency property transactions, registration and other matters.
                         Help applicant qualifications, and a variety of agency procedures.
                         Conditions are ripe for the enterprise, it is recommended listing financing.
                         Build customer enterprise archive, full-system services.
      In addition, the association with radiation-based derivative financing services: such as industry research, project financing abroad, feasibility analysis, project, technical risk prediction and control, specialized technical investigation, information analysis and management consulting related to financing of the various expand services.

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