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A Delegation from Shanghai ICC Visited Hefei and Signed a Memorandums of Understanding with Hefei Hi-tech Industry Development Zone
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On the afternoon of August 3rd of 2015, Han Bing, the Member of the Standing Committee of Hefei Municipal Committee of the CPC and Executive-vice Mayor of Hefei met with a delegation, headed by Zhang Litian, Director of Shanghai ICC and Roger Luo, Vice-president of China Business Development of TSMC. Officers from Hefei Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, Hefei Development and Reform Commission, Hefei Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Hefei Municipal Bureau of Investment Promotion and delegates from HFSID attended the meeting.


Han Bing briefed the guests on the current status of Hefei’s IC industry in recent years at the beginning of the meeting. Han Bing said that electronic information industry which includes IC industry is one of the most important industries for Hefei and Hefei hopes to cooperate with Shanghai ICC and TSMC closely in order to optimize Hefei’s serving capability and standard to serve the local IC companies better and build Hefei as an industrial cluster for IC industry in the future. Zhang Litian stated that Hefei has achieved a great achievement in developing IC industry in recent years and Shanghai ICC is willing to see more in-depth cooperation with Hefei on building Hefei ICC and helping Hefei to develop IC industry in order to achieve mutual development. 


Before the meeting, Li Bing, Director of Hefei Hi-tech Industry Development Zone met with the delegation at Hefei Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, accompanied by Chen Hua, Deputy Director of Hefei Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, officers form the several departments of Hefei Hi-tech Industry Development Zone and delegates form HFSID. Li Bing warmly welcomed the coming of the delegation and hoped that the understanding and cooperation between the both sides can be strengthened in the further through the meeting. After the meeting, Hefei Hi-tech Industry Development Zone signed a Memorandums of Understanding with Shanghai ICC. Under the Memorandums of Understanding, the both sides will work together closely on Hefei ICC’s building, operating and talent training, and exploring the feasibility of building an IP expertise center of judicature in the future. 

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